BIM interview with Csaba Livják on the Magyar Epitok portal

They changed everything that had provided them the security of everyday life until then, which caused in exchange 56,000 times fewer clashes detected in their following project! BuildEXT Kft. implements an integrated workflow with the help of BIM, which is not really represented in the local market yet, but it is worth following them on the basis of the amazing return indicators.

This is the lead of a longer interview with Csaba Livják, founding owner of BuildEXT, published on the Hungarian Builders portal.

Interjút készített a Magyar Építők Livják Csabával, a BuildEXT alapító tulajdonosával.

“We got all the slaps a Hungarian architect can get in this methodology.”

The founder of the company, launched in 2006, has spent a total of 30 semesters in higher education in Hungary, first in mechanical engineering, then in civil engineering, and later in architecture, obtaining BSC and master’s degrees. He did his postgraduate studies in parallel while working continuously in the construction industry.

He was still studying when he designed his first house. Later, he worked for an architectural company in Budapest, designed high-rise buildings and hotels in Vietnam. In Hungary, he is credited with the general design of nearly 200,000 square meters of buildings, mainly shops, office buildings, factories, laboratories, and data centers.

Since he “didn’t have a good job”, he decided to create one – so he founded BuildEXT’s predecessor, n-Gon Studio Ltd., which at the time was still designing with a classical methodology.

In the sequel, it turned out, among other things

  • which project “launched the company into space”,
  • what happens when the architect finds tens of millions of clashes in an investment,
  • how BIM can condense 40 hours of work by six people into half an hour of work by one person,
  • and which project is the next really big happening in the life of the company.

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