Do you know that the construction industry and the operation of the built environment account for nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions? That’s significantly more than total transport or even industrial production, and if we cut it by 20%, that’s more than the positive impact of electric cars globally.

It is important at an individual level, but the bigger the organization we lead, the bigger the development we manage, the more responsibility we have.

The biggest responsibility of future leaders in this is how short-term they think and what materials, resources and tools they use.

Responsible leaders are the task of our generation and it is along with these values that we participate in the Future Leaders Program, where we were invited by BCSDH to present BIM and BuildEXT. At the Sustainable Innovation, Products and Services workshop, we gave young leaders a new perspective on the role of building digitalization, Industry 4.0 and long-term sustainable architecture.

The greatest challenge of our generation is not to create prosperity. Rather, it is about reducing the environmental pressures needed to create prosperity in order to avoid climate catastrophe.

Leaders have a responsibility to think short-term and to use materials, resources, and tools.

BuildEXT’s responsibility is to ensure that the entire vertical of the domestic construction industry adopt BIM and hi-tech tools of digitalization in practice as much as possible.