Our presentation at CEEC 2023 Summit

The CEEC (Conseil Européen des Economistes de la Construction) held its global summit in Budapest in the autumn of 2023, organized by its Hungarian member company Spányi Partners Zrt. The event, aimed at promoting the sector, gave three key players in the domestic construction industry the opportunity to showcase best practices.

CEEC (Conseil Européen des Economistes de la Construction or European Council of Construction Economists) is the European knowledge center for construction economists. The organization brings together European professionals to share best practices, information, and experience, in order to help the construction cost consultancy profession, share knowledge and promote international standards.

BuildEXT has the honor of representing the Hungarian construction sector in the series of events taking place between 5-7 October, together with Graphisoft and Spányi Partners Zrt.

On the BuildEXT side, Csaba Livják (CEO, founder) and Péter Gajdán (Project Manager) presented our state-of-the-art Revit-based closed BIM design workflow developed by our colleagues, as well as our Uniformat-based automated cost estimating system based on bill of quantities.

The keen interest in the use of our ÉKTR cost reporting system, specifically tailored to the Hungarian context and used in our live projects, led to a thorough and engaging discussion on its alignment with globally recognized standards such as RICS and ICMS.

Csaba Livják to speak at the CEEC 2023 event in Budapest

We would also like to thank the representatives of CEEC, Spányi Partners Zrt, and personally György Spányi, Vilmos Lengyel and Balázs Lengyel for the invitation.

About CEEC

There are over 100,000 members of organizations representing the discipline of the construction economist in Europe, whose education, training, and professional standards are supervised by professional bodies, the principal ones being members of CEEC. Those bodies constitute the membership of the CEEC.

The profession of construction economist has developed along different lines in each of those European states and through the CEEC the profession exchanges information, research, knowledge, and practical experience in order to promote best practice. The CEEC works closely with contractors and their clients and with our professional colleagues in the related disciplines of architecture, engineering, building surveyors, building control inspectors, and project managers.

Among the primary aims of CEEC are to:

  • Establish guidelines for the definition, content, practice and supervision of construction economics
  • Co-ordinate working methods
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and experience
  • Promote basic and continuing education of construction economics
  • Promote the furtherance of the profession of construction economist
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