Open studio hours at Budapest Design Week

BDW BuildEXT – we will join this year’s Budapest Design Week and open our offices for two days.

This year’s Budapest Design Week (BDW) will focus on real and virtual, social and personal meeting spaces. The festival will present architecture and design not as separate disciplines, but as intertwined and complementary co-disciplines that together can contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive, and liveable built environment.

BuildEXT will offer two evenings of insights for those interested in hi-tech architecture, as part of a series of events to take a short tour of 21st-century architecture.

Mixed reality makes design and
construction more efficient.

Using Hololens 2 in the BuildEXT office (Photo: BuildEXT)

Csaba Livják, the founder and CEO of our company, will give an interactive presentation on the meeting of real and virtual spaces from the perspective of BIM, i.e. Building Information Modeling.

The presentation will feature practical examples, including.

  • learn about the digital tools we use;
  • debunk the most destructive BIM myths;
  • we talk about the critical role of BIM in a sustainable built environment.

Through practical examples, we will guide visitors into a world where sustainability and efficiency are present throughout the total lifecycle of buildings, from design to construction and operation.

After the presentation, participants will be able to experience how effectively digitalization can help not only in the design phase but also in the construction and operation phases, using Hololens 2. During and after the presentation, there will be an opportunity for informal discussions with each other and BuildEXT colleagues.

1027 Budapest, Horvát utca 14-24.
ZenGarden office building, 5th floor

11 October, (Tuesday), 6-8 pm
13 October, (Thursday), 6-8 pm

The number of applicants is limited, we will inform you by e-mail if the registration is successful. Please note that the presentation and the whole event is in Hungarian.

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