Architect Roundtable – How digitization has affected designing

We separated the priest and the doctor, even though body and soul belong to the same people – the management of BuildEXT and Finta Studio met for a roundtable discussion on the relationship between architecture and BIM.

Why did the Architects’ Round Table come into being?

One of the biggest obstacles in the development of the Hungarian construction industry is the divide, the kind of killing behavior when we do not share information with each other, even if it would serve our own development.

However, in this market, the withholding of information is counterproductive – it is very expensive to keep up with the amount of development and the amount of knowledge to be learned solely from one’s own experience and resources, and it is also completely unnecessary.

This is why we launched the Architect Roundtable series along with common interests. Our invited guests are representatives of open-minded, innovative construction companies willing to find common ground and share experiences, and who are happy to talk about their managerial, technological, educational, and other experiences and thoughts gained from real life.

For the first time, Gábor Mezei and János Tamás Szabó honored us from Finta Építész Stúdió– both leading designers are members of the company’s studio council and recognized professionals. Due to similar thinking and approach, our office has a very good relationship with the studio, so it was immediately clear that we wanted to start our series with them.

The discussion was guided by the impact of digitalization on the transformation of planning. We talked about the practical limits of BIM, failed projects, the perceived and real needs of the client, the lone wolf attitude, the role of the architectural manager, the involvement of the subcontractor, and many other topical issues.

We made it easier to watch the one-and-a-half-hour-long conversation with timestamps and notes(Hungarian). (Sorry for the quality of the sound, we had technical issues.)

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